They got it their way

I’m just going to say it. I love the Burger King rebrand.

I love it for many reasons, one being I’m in the midst of two massive rebrand projects myself, and know all-to-well the work involved doing it.

But beyond the brilliant art direction and design that really does defy category norms, the reason I love it is that it happened.

Anyone who has worked in advertising and marketing for a while will tell you how difficult it often is to get from an idea to something in-market. Bureaucracy, red-tape, lack of clarity, time, budget, bravery and many other things often stand in the way of ideas going further than a PowerPoint presentation. In fact, many years ago a Creative Director at one agency who I’m not going to name, told me “I’m in the business of making PDFs”.

So, I applaud Burger King. Not only is the work great, it also happened, and that’s simply awesome.